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《急募》Project Manager【Mobile Terminal Department】


Position (Job title) Project Manager
Department Development & Service Section, Mobile Terminal Department
Work location ZTE Japan (in Harumi)
Reporting to Head of Development & Service

Description (behind the recruitment)


1. To complete the product selection and marketing plan. To make the project plan for short-listed product.
2. Tracking, monitoring and management for the entire project.
- To coordinate test team, R&D team, delivery team, after-sales team and so on.
- To identify the risks and provide solution to avoid them effectively.
- To solve the problem in the section of R&D, delivery and after-sales effectively.
- To accomplish the high-quality delivery of product, which improve the customer satisfaction and brand image.
3. To analyze the market trend with marketing manager and account manager.
- To follow up the sales progress of the project.
- To manage and analyze the delivery and sales data of the project.
- To forecast the delivering amount of the project from time to time.
4. To support the implementation of ZTE brand, manage the PO list and expense budget.
5. To complete the project operation or basic work which is not project-related according to the company’s internal process.
6. To support and manage the team of account managers to achieve the sales target effectively.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

1. Strong responsibility, team-spirit and communication skill. Moreover, cooperativeness, affinity and dedicated work attitude.
2. Matured job experiences in project development/project management in the manufacturing industry such as consumer electronics or cell-phone manufacturer.
3. At least 5-years work experiences in Japan

Possible to negotiate and coordinate with head office in Chinese.
1) Native Chinese and fluent Japanese
2) Native Japanese and fluent Chinese


Preferred candidate’s background:
1) Japanese University degree
2) Chinese nationality